About Us

A trusted event partner to drive event sales for organizations worldwide

At Connect Lead Retrieval, we are all about connecting people from two opposite sides of the event that lead to the enhancement of our Industry. What makes our methodology unique is that during each event we act as an extension of your team, providing event business intelligence, Data enhancement and enrichment. Supporting you through-out the event and ensuring you have made sufficient connections

  • Founded — 2012 Clients —150+ businesses and associations representing at events across various industries. Staff — 285 employees and growing
  • We offer enhancement services to execute mailing, email, tele-calling campaigns. Both, offline and online events have these features enabled to build a robust business.
  • Mission: Committed to provide quality service, value, loyalty and partnerships by delivering data intelligence solutions that enhance the event experience and strengthen our industry. 
Data Management

Potential Client Database

Our Potential Client databases can help marketers with: Execution of targeted data-driven campaigns in order to boost business profits and revenue Access to personal and professional data on the audiences.

Data Enrichment

Our Data Enrichment solutions enables you in knowing more about your Attendees, Customers and Prospects so you can market to them more effectively or target and identify new prospects who look just like your customers.

Data Hygiene

Reactivate your existing old clients and stay connected with them. Businesses lose up to 42% of their customer email database each year due to email bounces, change of email addresses or updated service providers.

Customer Modeling

A major portion of your revenue has come from a few of your clients. If we figure out which industry those few clients are from, what job titles they hold, their annual revenue, employee size, spending behavior, etc.

Few of the Types of Events We cover

  • Accounting Events
  • Advertising & Marketing Events
  • Aerospace & Aviation Events
  • Agriculture & Farming Events
  • Amusement, Entertainment, Gaming Events
  • Apparel Events
  • Art, Music, Culture Events
  • Associations Events
  • Audio Visual Events
  • Automotive and Trucking Events
  • Banking Events
  • Beauty & Healthcare Events
  • Boats Events
  • Building & Construction Events
  • Beauty & Healthcare Events
  • Business Events
  • Chemical Events
  • Communications Events
  • Computers and Computer Applications Events
  • Education Events
  • Electrical & Electronics Events
  • Energy Events
  • Engineering Events
  • Exhibitions & Meeting Industry Events
  • Financial and Legal Events
  • Fire and Fire Protection Events
  • Fishing Events
  • Food & Beverage Events
  • Food Processing and Distribution Events
  • Forest Products Events
  • Funeral Industry Events
  • Gifts Events
  • Government Events
  • Home Furnishings and Interior Design Events
  • Housing Events
  • Insurance Events
  • Jewelry Events
  • Landscape and Garden Supplies Events
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Events
  • Libraries Events
  • Lighting Events
  • Business Events
  • Manufacturing Events
  • Material Handling, Packaging & Logistics Events
  • Medical & Healthcare Events
  • Metalworking Events
  • Military Events
  • Mining Events
  • Paper Events
  • Petroleum, Oil and Plastics Events
  • Police Events
  • Pollution Control Events
  • Printing Events
  • Publishing Events
  • Radio, TV and Cable Events
  • Railroads Events
  • Real Estate Events
  • Religious Events
  • Renewable Energy Events
  • Restaurants and Food Service Events
  • Safety Events
  • Science Events
  • Security Events
  • Sporting Goods & Recreation Events
  • Beauty & Healthcare Events
  • Telecommunications Events
  • Textiles Events
  • Toys and Hobbies Events
  • Physical Distribution Events
  • Transportation Events
  • Travel Industry Events
  • Water Events
  • Wire Events
  • Welding Events
  • Woodworking Events

We Love Our Clients

     Committed to provide quality service, value, loyalty and partnerships by delivering data intelligence solutions that  enhance the  event experience and  strengthen our                 industry.